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April 2014 - Death Certificates for Pennsylvania for the yeas 1906-1924 are now in Ancestry. This is a great resource. There wll be future dates added to this collection. Here is the schedule:

    1906-24 death certificates April 2014
    1925-44 death certificates June 2014
    1945-63 death certificates November 2014
    1906 birth certificates March 2015

One word of caution:  I have found that there are a large number of transcription errors on the names in Ancestry for the current collection.

May 20 2014 - I am planning a trip back to Catawissa, Columbia Co., Pa. on June 18th thru July 2, 2014. I hope to update a number of Find-a-Grave Requests for cemeteries in the Catawissa Area. I also hope to get a change to go to some libraries and get Obituaries. I am also hoping to photograph a few cemeteries to add to Find-a-Grave and my database.

May 20, 2014 - I am in the process of updating my Genealogical Data. I am "cleaning" it up, fixing missing dates and places, and putting dates and information in the right logical order. I am updating my data as I go but this process will take some time since I have over 26000 entries to review and update, if needed.

June 17, 2014 - I am on my way to Catawissa, Columbia Co., Pa. for 2 weeks. I am planning on going to a number of cemeteries and take pictures for my database and Find-a-Grave requests. I have done the following:

  • Greenwood Cemetery, Catawissa  (DONE)
  • Union Cemetery, Catawissa  (DONE)
  • Hillside Cemetery, Catawissa (DONE)
  • Pine Hill Cemetery, Elysburg  (DONE)
  • Bear Gap Cemetery, Elysburg (DONE)
  • Jacob's Cemetery, Paxinos (DONE)
June 17, 2014 - Updated my Genealogical Data. Go to the Genealogical Data Page and Click on the Tree.

October 14, 2014 - I returned from a 2 week trip to Bala, Wales at the end of September. It was a wonderful trip and always look forward to go there. We did some research but spend some time going to West Wales to see Dylan Thomas' residence, St. David's Cathedral, Cardiff and many other places. I will be posting pictures and a journal shortly.

I am also in the process of updating my Genealogical Data. I am behind in that but hopefully it will be update shortly, as well.

October 31, 2014 - Updated my Genealogical Data Page. I am still working on the Journal from our Trip to Wales.
January 13, 2015 - Happy New Year to one and all. Hope 2015 brings you new discoveries in your research.

January 13, 2015 - Updated my Birth, Death and Marriage Notices Pages along with My Genealogical Data Page.

I recently returned from Catawissa, Columbia Co., and photographed all of the stones in the following cemeteries:

  • Sharp Ridge, Montour Co., Pa.
  • Vought's Cemetery, Montour Co., Pa.
  • Fisher's Cemetery, Mainville, Columbia Co., Pa.

In the process of updating them in Find-a-Grave.


February 24, 2015 - Did not make it to Roots Tech this year, hoping for next year. I updated my Genealogical Data Page.

May 7, 2015 - Updated my Genealogical Data. Added a number of new Images of Births, Obits, Marriages, and related articles from newspaper.com
May 18, 2015 - Updated my Genealogical Data. Added a number of images. Off to Catawissa for 2 weeks. Hoping to photograph a number of cemeteries and update them in Find-a-Grave.
 June 10, 2015 - Returned from Pa. and did alot of photographs for my research and Find-a-Grave. Also updated my genealogical data page and added a link in the Links Page.
August 5, 2015 - My PC got hit with a virus and had to recover much of my data. Thank Goodness for Backups. I have updated my information on the Genealogical Page and in My Heritage. Been working with alot of material from Newspaper.com and the Pennsylvania Death Certificates in Ancestry.com

 October 9, 2015 - I recently returned to Catawissa, Pa. and was able to update and photograph all of the stones in the following cemeteries:

  • Union Cemetery, Catawissa, Columbia Co., Pa.
  • Reformed-Shiloh, Danville, Montour Co., Pa.
  • St. Huberts, Danville, Montour Co., Pa.
  • St. Josephs, Danville, Montour Co., Pa.
  • St. Peters (Blue) Church, Elysburg, North'd. Co., Pa.
  • Pleasant Hill, Paxinos, North'd Co., Pa.
  • Filled a number of Photo Requests
  • Updated Find-a-Grave memorials with photo's
 September 9, 2015 - Updated my Genealogical Data. Added a number of new pictures in the Catawiss Photo's Section.  Continue to work on Pa. Death Certificates from Ancestry along with updates in Find-a-Grave. Going back for the Bloomsburg Fair.
 December 1, 2015 - Been busy working in Find-a-Grave, updating a number of memorials and adding alot of pictures. Updated my Genealogical Information.
 January 8, 2016 - Hope everyone had a good holiday and best wishes in your research in 2016. I am continuing to update Find-a-Grave with photo's. It does take time but well worth it. I have also updated my Genealogical Data.
 July 18, 2016 - I have been busy updating my Genealogical Data. I had some issues with my website and it has been unavailable for some time. I am working on getting it back up and running. I continue to work on pictures for Find-a-Grave. I have done a number of cemeteries and they are listed on my Profile page in Find-a-Grave. I also added a link to the 2015 Birth, Death and Marriage Notices in the Press-Enterprise and News Item. I am currently working on the 2016 listing.
 August 1, 2016 - Updated my Genealogical Data and have been working on adding a lot of pictures to Find-a-Grave.

 October 25, 2016 - Updated my Genegalogical Data and have uploaded a new GEDCOM to MyHeritage.com.  I have also been busy adding more pictures to Find-a-Grave. Been traveling back and forth to Pa. to take care of mom's house and affairs after her passing in April 2016.

November 11, 2016 - Updated my Genealogical Data and have up uploaded a new GEDCOM to MyHeritage. Keep working in Find-a-Grave. Contiue to go to Pa. Getting lots of Airline Miles.

 December 30, 2016 - Can't believe that another year has passed. Lost my mother this year so it has been challenging. I have done alot of research on our family tree and updates in Find-a-Grave. Also updated my info in My Heritage.com. Looking forward to Rootstech 2017 on Salt Lake City on February. Best of luck to all in your research in 2017.

 January 3, 2017 - Added the 2016 BMD listiing to Birth, Death and Marriage Notices Page. Continue to work in Find-a-Grave and adding photo's and memorials.

 January 27, 2017 - Was able to photograph the following cemeteries in Schuylkill County:

  • Friedens Cemetery
  • St. Mark's United Brethern
  • Church of God
  • St. Paul's UCC 

Updated them in Find-a-Grave.

Looking forward to Rootstech 2017 in February in Salt Lake City.

 February 3, 2017 - Continue to work on updating Memorials in Find-a-Grave. Getting Ready for Rootstech 2017.
April 3, 2017 - Continuing to work on updating Memorials in Find-a-Grave. Rootstech 2017 was great. Can't wait for next year. Off to Pa. in a few days and hope to work on some cemeteries and get some photo's. Have been busy updating my data with Pa. Death Certificates in Ancestry. Alot of work ahead but very rewarding.

 July 27, 2017 -Added my database to Ancestry. You can view it via the Genealogical Data link. I have also been working on updates to Find-a-Grave and adding alot of pictures.

 August 9, 2017 - Updated my information in MyHeritage.com and Ancestry.com.  Off to Pennsylvania for our Roberts Family Reunion on August 20th at Knoebel's Grove. Hoping to get some photo's and updates to Find-a-Grave in while I am there.

Take a look at the new Find-a-Grave Website. It is much better than the old one. www.new.findagrave.com

 October 19, 2017 - Was in Pa. for a short trip to work at church fair stand at the Bloomsburg Fair. Very Hot but had a good time. Did some research and got pictures for Find-a-Grave Memorial requests. Heading back to Pa. soon for a some research. Hope to get to a few new cemeteries and get photo's and update memorials.
 December 30, 2017 - Here it is another year. I have done alot in Find-a-Grave this year and on my Family Tree. In 2018, I want to concentrate on updating my family information and try to "fill in the gaps". I updated my info to MyHeritage.com and Ancestry.com. today. I have also been working on Births, Confirmations, Baptisms and Deaths for the St. John UCC Church in Catawissa, Pa. I have about 100 years of information to transcribe. I have alot done but much more to do.
 February 9, 2018 - Been working hard on updating a number of Obits in Ancestry. Also been working on the BDM Index for St. John's UCC Church. I updated my info in My Heritgage.com as well. Since the weather is not cooperating to get Find-a-Grave photo's I have been working on my Family History trying to get HINTS done and make sure my info is correct as possible. (I know it is a hard task but it will be worth it in the end. Ancestry has published Pennsylvania Death Certificates up to 1966 now. Great Resource.


Genealogy is not only the search for ones ancestors but the sharing of information with others.


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