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Military Service

I enlisted in 1969 with the USASA (United States Army Security Agency) and was sent to Fort Dix, NJ for basic training. This was July 1969. I completed my basic training in October 1969



After basic training at Fort Dix, I was assigned to Fort Devens, Mass. to attend school. I had no idea what I was in store for because my MOS was 05H20 (Morse Intercept Operator) what ever that was. I enjoyed my time at Ft. Devens. The area is so beautiful and I met alot of great people while I was there.

One of the fondest memories of the time spend at Fort Devens was being a member of the Tall Mens Chorus of F Troop. Unfortunately I do not remember any of the people that were in that group. We sang at Birthday Parties, we marched in parades and, if I remember correctly, at a wedding. If you were a member of the chorus, please let me know.

F-Troop Barracks, Home of the Tall Men's Chorus

((F-Troop Barracks, home of the Tall Men's Chorus. ))

Also while stationed at Fort Devens, some of us would travel around and discover the many great areas of the New England area. One of the best and nicest places was Cathedral of the Pines, in Rindge, New Hampshire.

It is set on a hill overlooking the mountains and has an open air chapel, an "Alter to the Nations", a bell tower and a reception area.

After completing Morse Intercept Class, my first assignment was the 8th Radio Research Field Station, in Phu Bai, South Vietnam.


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