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Catawissa Onion


Catawissa Strain (1885) This strain of onion is the tallest of the Egyptian onions, believed to have originated near Catawissa, PA and is only a slight modification of the Egyptian tree onion. The "Vegetable Garden" by Vilmorin-Andrieux first published in English in 1885 describes this American strain of onion. This variety can grow to over two and a half feet in height. Because of the large diameter of the hollow green portion of the plant, it is excellent for stuffing with cream cheese or other spreads. It's sets are reddish-brown and it has a unique habit of producing top-sets out of the top-sets that develop on the plant, which in part accounts for the plants unusual height. It is extremely winter hardy and has been grown as far north as Alaska. Egyptian Walking Onions, Top-set onions, tree onions, or walking onions are various names used to describe a family of very hardy perennial, multiplying, top setting onions. They produce table ready green onions (scallions) from top or bottom sets. They produce small bulblets on the end of the stalks in the second year of the plant's growth. Some varieties ( and Catawissas are definitely one of them) produce a second clump of top-sets out of the first cluster of sets. This type is often referred to as a tree onion because of these branching characteristics. These could possibly be used in flower arrangements. As the weight of the bulbs increases the plant stalks fall to the ground, which may be as much as two feet from the parent plant. The bulbs waste no time in putting down roots. This is why these varieties are sometimes referred to as a walking onion. If you do not want the plant to spread throughout your garden, the top-sets should be harvested. The flavor of these top-sets is somewhat spicy. They are delicious pickled. In addition to producing top-sets, the parent plant divides at the base producing an abundant supply of green scallions for salads, gazpacho and other soups or casseroles. When harvesting, always be sure to leave at least one onion in the ground so the plant will continue to multiply and keep you supplied with onions for a lifetime.

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