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Welcome to my website.

This is my updated home page and is dedicated to the research and expansion of my family history. I was raised in Catawissa, Columbia County, Pa. and became interested in the people and history of the area during the time of Catawissa's 200th Anniversary celebration in 1974. I also became interested in my family history, but due to work and travel, I was not able to spend much time researching. I began some time later finding information and it has lead me to find fascinating information. But I realize that there is much more to learn and understand. This site is dedicated to that search for information and understanding.

Researching: Roberts, English, Wurst, Fryberger, Duttinger, Shales, Clewell and associated families.

A Reminder:  Catawissa will be 250 years old in only 6 short years (2024). It's never too soon to start planning.

I have added a New Updates and News Page which I will post updates to my website and news items of interest.

Come back often as I am always updating my website. Thanks for visiting. Gary

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Updated: 2/20/2018


Genealogy is not only the search for ones ancestors but the sharing of information with others.


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